Welcome to NEATTO!
We are a T-Trak model railroad club that serves
the North Eastern Area of Oklahoma. Each member builds
there own style of module(s) to there liking and ideas and
are individually owned.
There are no annual or monthly fees, or cost to join and enjoy
model railroading with us.
We use and follow the guide lines at www.ttrak.org to build
our modules following the "alternate" track methods.
Other track methods and ideas are also accepted as well, as long
as you can get back to the T-Trak alternate method.

As group we have a ton of fun getting together on a regular
basis and many shows that we attend each year.  If you are
looking for a local club to join and enjoy trains you have
came to the right place.

Right now we have members in the  Tulsa, Skiatook, Turley
area, and looking for more.

Are primary scale right now is N. We have been talking a lot
about using HO as well, in the near future.